9 Books and 1 Game for the Graphic Designer.

In this past year, I’ve published some interesting books and items related to typography, this is a recap of some of the best featured here on betype. In case you regretted not had given any christmas gift to your Graphic designer friend, the new year eve is another chance to vindicate yourself.

  1. Steal Like An Artist
  2. The Geometry of type:
  3. Manage Your Day To Day:
  4. Maximize Your Potential:
  5. Hand To Type
  6. Thinking With Type
  7. Shadow Type:
  8. Flip The Script:
  9. Inside Paragraphs
  10. Typeface Memory Game

Click on every name to see the original post or click the link to see where to buy it.



MICA Grad Show 2014    |    View on Behance

This year-long project pulled together content from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s sixteen graduate programs to promote and record graduating student work. They developed an identity system that looks great on its own but can also showcase bright artwork, then designed and developed a responsive website, mailers, poster, and forthcoming print catalog.

Design: Nour Tabet, Richard Blake, Emma S. Forbes, Yingxi Zhou

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Fonts of the Month: June. Free fonts and many discounts on sans serif.

We are in the half of the year, a huge amount of fabulous fonts has been released this year. This past month of June wasn’t the exception and even go too far in the typography community, as big amount of fonts were released. I think I will make the part 2 of the best fonts of this months because this short list isn’t enough to show you great new typefaces that deserve a mention.

The master Rene Bieder release a new typeface named Choplin, which goes directly to the top of the list of hot new fonts of myfonts. Libertad by Roberto Díaz (designer of Quiroga) is also one of my favourites this month. Good News Sans by Kyle Benson is another remarkable typeface this month. Less words and more letters check the list.

Feel free to click on the name of the fonts:

  1. Choplin (85% off)
  2. Libertad (80% off)
  3. Sanelma (35% off)
  4. Rukola (50% off)
  5. Macarons (75% off)
  6. Abelina (30% off)
  7. Tautz (80% off)
  8. Abula (85% off)
  9. Bodoni Sans (30% off)
  10. Chercher (90% off)
  11. Good News Sans (50% off)
  12. Modernica (80%)
  13. HWT Artz
  14. Monolina (50% off)
  15. Rise And Shine (25% off)
  16. Clown (30% off)
  17. Metrisch
  18. Muriza (50% off)
  19. Riga Screen
  20. Ainslie Sans (77% off)
  21. Basil (50% off)
  22. Quire Sans (some free)
  23. Metron
  24. Moniak Sans (50% off)

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Fork    |

"Mary Wong is the chain of noodle bars from Rostov-on-Don. It’s the place where noodle is made with Asian accuracy and American spirit."

Fork is a group of young designers based in Moscow, Russia. They have their own view of things and they want to share it with everyone. Their goal is to make the world more meaningful and beautiful. They love (and are able) to work on corporate identity, packaging, websites, typography, interiors and installations. For any problem, they come from different perspectives and control the whole process, from sketches to construction.

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